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Introduction and History

In the 1970's Glass and colleagues coined the term meta-analysis, and also introduced most of the currently used procedures to psychology. Concurrently, Rosenthal was futher developing the combinatorial procedures previously mentioned. Meanwhile, Schmidt and Hunter developed what is commonly termed validity generalization procedures. These involve correcting the effect sizes in the meta-analysis for sampling, and measurement error and range restriction.

Since the late 1970's the use of the quantitative review method had grown almost geometrically (Rosenthal, 1991). To give you an idea of how phenomenal the growth has been, I went to the library and accessed the Psych-Lit CD ROM. I had the database look up journal references which used the term meta-analysis. Since 1978 there has been 909 references to this term. Before 1983, there were 51 references, while after 1982 there was 858 references.

Figure 1 shows the number of meta-analysis references published from 1975 to 1990. As you can see there is nearly a geometric increase in articles for the first 15 years of the term Meta-Analysis in common use.

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