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Methods of Accumulating Results Across Research Domains
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There are a variety of different procedures for conducting a meta-analysis involving the accumulation of correlations (r), standardized differences between mean scores (d), p values, or Z-scores (Glass, 1976, 1977; Hunter et al.,1982; Hunter and Schmidt, 1990; Rosenthal, 1991; Smith and Glass, 1977; Smith, Glass and Miller, 1980; Wolf, 1986).

Schmidt, Hunter, and their colleagues (Schmidt and Hunter, 1977; Hunter, et. al., 1982; Hunter and Schmidt, 1990) developed one method of meta-analysis that does not rely on the combination of Z-scores or probability values as the common metric. This procedure uses either r or d as the combinatorial statistic. It progressively corrects the mean r or d and their obtained variances for sampling error and then measurement error and range restriction.

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