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Welcome to the Book Review Pages.

Interior illustration by Tony Ross from What a Trip, Amber Brown; used with permission of Penguin Putnam.

Welcome again to the book reviews here at

Maybe I look at home among books. I'll just be browsing through the kids' section of my local bookstore, hoping for a new book by a favorite author or maybe someone entirely new to discover. Next thing I know, a voice will ask, "Excuse me, I'm looking for a book about some boys who time travel and have crazy adventures," or "Do you know anything about a sequel to The Wind in the Willows?" I don't always know the answer, but surprisingly often I can help and that makes me feel good. Who knows - maybe you'll remember one of the reviews here but forget the title . . . and you'll walk up to a person in the bookstore or library and say, "I'm looking for a book series about a girl named . . . Amber?" Enjoy!

-Wendy Morris

May Reviews

Image1Uncle Rain Cloud By Tony Johnston
Image2It’s Justin Time, Amber Brown By Paula Danziger
Image3What a Trip, Amber Brown By Paula Danziger
Image4Cicada From Cricket Magazine Group

April Reviews

Image1The Peregrine's Journey By Madeleine Dunphy
Image2Girls to the Rescue, #7 Edited by Bruce Lansky
Image3The Brimstone Journals by Ron Koertge

Image9My Best of 2000

March Reviews

February Reviews
January Reviews

Reviews from 2000

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