Here are a few sites that I have recently designed or developed.

American Type Culture Collection
The web site is for a scientific organization dedicated to the preservation, storage and categorization of biological resources. The BEI Resources web site is a special restricted web site intended for scientists interested in bioterrorism or emerging infectious disease research. This site has public and restricted (password protected) areas. Both sites features site administration, product ordering (shopping cart and checkout), user management, a dynamic catalog display and Verity search interfaces to enable scientific researchers to find and order various biological samples. Recently we upgraded both sites from CF 5, to a clustered CFMX 6.1 for J2EE environment with an Oracle 10g database backend, a Java Services layer for security and data access and a very high level of Java and CF integration.
Online Catalog
Atlantic Coast Cotton Website
This is a B2B site for a Gainesville, VA clothing distributor developed using the Fusebox methodology. Users can browse and search the Atlantic Coast Cotton on-line catalog. Ordering is easy, with some member information stored in a secured database to facilitate ordering. There is also a secure administrative section that allows the site administrators to add, delete and update catalog and user information. Recently I developed a parallel site for ACC customers to use the ACC catalog data on their own web sites. A demo site of this is available at the On-Line Catalog Company .
Online Catalog is a website for a local author. It was also developed in part to promote her latest novel, The Miner's Daughter. The site itself is fully CSS and XHTML compliant, as measured by the W3C validators. It also passes the common web based Section 508 and WAI online validators (using the Cynthia Says online Accessibility tools) for Accessibility. The site includes a contact form and a ColdFusion based events calendar (with an administration section) for readings and other appearances. For more information see
Eparts is a computer hardware on-line catalog. This is a demonstration site for an extensive, searchable on-line catalog of computer parts. A small to medium computer store seeking a web presence would typically use this site.

I have also developed numerous departmental web sites for the George Washington University Medical Center where I was the Senior Computer Aided Instructional/Web Developer. Examples of these sites include the Department of Ophthalmology ( and the GW Medical Center Surgical Residency Program (