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The Efficacy of Rational Emotive Therapy:
A Quantitative Review of
the Outcome Research.

Larry C. Lyons
Paul J. Woods,
Hollins College, Virginia.

From: Lyons, Larry C. & Woods, Paul J. (1991). The efficacy of rational emotive therapy: A quantitative review of the outcome research. Clinical Psychology Review, 11, 357-369.

Author Notes

We thank Wendy A. Morris for her assistance in preparing this manuscript. Without her inestimable help, this project would not have come to fruition.

Larry C. Lyons, MA was a Research Associate at the Hollins Communications Research Institute when this article was published in Clinical Psychology Review. He is currently both a consultant and with a private firm in Manassas, Virgina.

Paul J. Woods Ph.D. is a Professor of Psychology (Emeretus) at the Department of Psychology at Holllins College, and director of the Institute for Rational Therapy and Behavioral Medicine in Roanoke Virginia

Address request for reprints of this article, coding manual or list of studies used in this quantitative review to the second author at:

Paul J. Woods Ph.D. Institute for Rational Therapy and Behavioral Medicine, 5541 Florist Road Roanoke, Virginia