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 The Efficacy of Rational Emotive Therapy: A Quantitative Review of the Outcome Research.


Selection of Studies:

The Psychological Abstracts and Dissertation Abstracts International from 1972 to 1988 were searched for relevant studies. In addition, the reference lists of the obtained studies and the previously mentioned reviews were scanned for additional material. A list of the studies used in this meta-analysis can be seen in the appendix following this article.

Each study had to meet the following inclusion criteria:

(1) At least one treatment group received Rational Emotive Therapy, or a treatment which used elements of RET.

(2) The study compared RET to a baseline measure, a control group, or other type of therapy.

(3) The study used a quantitative statistic which could be converted to an effect size estimate.

(4) The study gave the number of subjects in each treatment or control group.

Seventy studies met these criteria, yielding 236 comparisons between RET and a baseline measure, a control group, or other form of therapy.

Studies were rejected because of uninterpretable statistics, or because insufficient information regarding treatments, or experimental procedures were presented. Single subject designs and case studies were also excluded.