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Method: Participants and Materials - Rational Behavior Inventory
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Psychology students from two colleges who received course credit for their cooperation, participated in this study. There were 23 men and 147 women.


The following instruments were used in the study:

Rational Behavior Inventory

The Rational Behavior Inventory (RBI; Shorkey & Whiteman, 1977) was used to assess irrational beliefs. The RBI uses a five-point Likert response format. It consists of 37 items derived by a principal component factor analytic method with oblique rotation, from a pool of 70 items based upon definitions of rationality drawn from the literature on Rational Emotive Therapy. There is a total score that assesses global rationality, and 11 subscales measuring the basic irrational beliefs. The 11 subscales of the RBI, their definitions and abbreviations are shown in Table 1.

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Title Abstract Introduction Method Results Discussion References