Vimeo Wrapper CFC

The basic idea is to provide a set of wrapper cfcs for the Vimeo Simple API. These are divided into 6 distinct CFCs, each handling a different part of the API.

For a demonstration, select this link: Demos

Download the vimeo Simple API Wrapper CFCs.

The following are summaries of each CFC and expected return data.

User Information: vimeoUserInfo.cfc


  • init(exceptionEmail,vimeo userId)
  • getUserInfo() - User info for the user specified in init()
  • getUserVideos() - Videos created by user
  • getUserLikes() - Videos the user likes
  • getUserAppearsIn() - Videos that the user appears in
  • getUserAllVideos() - Videos that the user appears in and created
  • getUserSubscriptions() - Videos the user is subscribed to
  • getUserAlbums() - Albums the user has created
  • getUserChannels() - Channels the user has created and subscribed to
  • getUserGroups() - Groups the user has created and joined
  • getContactsVideos() - Videos that the user's contacts created
  • getContactsLike() - Videos that the user's contacts like

User Info Typical Return Data vimeoUserInfo.cfc

id User ID
display_name User name
created_on Date the user signed up
is_staff Is this user a staff member?
is_plus Is this user a Vimeo Plus member?
location The location of the user
url User supplied url
bio The bio information from the user profile
profile_url URL to the user profile
videos_url URL to the video list for this user
total_videos_uploaded Total # of videos uploaded
total_videos_appears_in Total # of videos user appears in
total_videos_liked Total # of videos liked by user
total_contacts Total # of contacts
total_albums Total # of albums
total_channels Total # of channels moderated by user
portrait_small Small user portrait (30px)
portrait_medium Medium user portrait (100px)
portrait_large Large user portrait (300px)

User Activity - vimeoUserActivity.cfc


  • init(exceptionEmail,vimeo userId)
  • getUserDid() - Activity by the user
  • getHappenedToUser() - Activity on the user
  • getContactsDid() - Activity on the user's contacts
  • getHappenedToContacts() - Videos that the user appears in
  • getEveryOneDid() - Activity by everyone

User Activity Data: vimeoUserActivity.cfc

typeActivity Type
datedate of activity
user_idvimeo User ID
user_nameVimeo User name
user_urluser to the user page on Vimeo
user_portrait_smallURL to a thumbnail user portait image
user_portrait_mediumURL to a medium sized user portait image
user_portrait_largeURL to a large size user portait image
subject_idsubject Id
subject_namesubject name
subject_urlurl to subject
subject_portrait_smallURL to a thumbnail subject image
subject_portrait_mediumURL to a medium subject image
subject_portrait_largeURL to a large subject portait image
video_idVimeo Video id
video_titleVideo Title
video_descriptionVideo Description
video_urlVideo URL
video_thumbnail_smallURL to a thumbnail video image
video_thumbnail_mediumURL to a medium video image
video_thumbnail_largeURL to a large video image
video_stats_number_of_likesnumber of likes
video_stats_number_of_playstimes video has been played
video_stats_number_of_commentsnumber of comments
video_tagsvideo tags
action_tagsaction tags

Video Information: vimeoVideo.cfc


  • init(exceptionEmail,vimeo videoId)
  • getVideoInfo() -info for the specified album
  • getEmbedCode() - returns the html embed code needed to display the vimeo video player.

Video Data: VimeoVideo.cfc

title Video title
url URL to the Video Page
id Video ID
description The description of the video
thumbnail_small URL to a small version of the thumbnail
thumbnail_medium URL to a medium version of the thumbnail
thumbnail_large URL to a large version of the thumbnail
user_name The user name of the video's uploader
user_url The URL to the user profile
upload_date The date/time the video was uploaded on
user_portrait_small Small user portrait (30px)
user_portrait_medium Medium user portrait (100px)
user_portrait_large Large user portrait (300px)
stats_number_of_likes # of likes
stats_number_of_views # of views
stats_number_of_comments # of comments
duration Duration of the video in seconds
width Standard definition width of the video
height Standard definition height of the video
tags Comma separated list of tags

Album Information: vimeoAlbum.cfc


  • init(exceptionEmail,vimeo AlbumId)
  • getAlbumInfo -info for the specified album
  • getAlbumVideos() - Videos in that album

Album Info Data vimeoAlbum.cfc

id Album ID
created_on Date the album was created
last_modified Date the album was last modified
title Album title
description Album description
url URL for the album page
thumbnail Thumbnail
total_videos Total # of videos added to the album
user_id User ID of the user who made the album
user_display_name Name of the User who created the album
user_url The URL to the album creator's profile

Channel Information: vimeoChannels.cfc


  • init(exceptionEmail,vimeo AlbumId)
  • getChannelInfo - Channel info for the specified channel
  • getChannelvideos() - Videos added to that channel

Channel Info Data vimeoChannels.cfc

id Channel ID
name Channel name
description Channel description
logo Channel logo (header)
url URL for the channel page
rss RSS feed for the channel's videos
created_on Date the channel was created
creator_id User ID of the channel creator
creator_display_name Name of the User who created the channel
creator_url The URL to the channel creator's profile
total_videos Total # of videos posted in the channel
total_subscribers Total # of users subscribed

Group Information: vimeoGroups.cfc


  • init(exceptionEmail,vimeo AlbumId)
  • getGroupInfo - Group info for the specified group
  • getGroupvideos() - Videos added to that group
  • getGroupUsers - Users who have joined the group

Group Info Data vimeoGroups.cfc

id Group ID
name Group name
description Group description
url URL for the group page
logo Group logo (header)
thumbnail Thumbnail
created_on Date the group was created
creator_id User ID of the group creator
creator_display_name Name of the User who created the group
creator_url The URL to the group creator's profile
total_members Total # of users joined
total_videos Total # of videos posted to the group
total_files Total # of files uploaded to the group
total_forum_topics Total # of forum topics
total_events Total # of events
total_upcoming_events Total # of upcoming events