Wendy A. Morris

Hey ho - I'm back in the reviewing business again! Check out my new reviews of children's and young adult books on the former ChildWatch.com site. There was even an article about this in The Daily Journal, one of the local newspapers.

What Else Is Here?

What Is This?

Does anybody have any idea what this book could be?

It's a children's or young adult book. I read it in 1979 or earlier. I do not remember the title or author.

Some details I do remember:

Some children buy a spell (looks like a strip of blue leather) from a passing tinker (?) and put it in their tutor's chair (which then comes to life?); I think the tutor might be a magician himself.

Someone casts a spell that makes one of the girls "swoon" at everything.

The Tangerine Witch interrupts a (birthday) party.
"Drat," said Elaine, "I liked being a kitten." (I think she had climbed up the draperies.)

If you think you recognize this, please let me know.

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