Child of the Light

By Janet Berliner and George Guthridge

Borealis/ White Wolf Publishing. $5.99

Solomon and Erich are two friends growing up in Berlin after World War I. Solomon is Jewish, Erich is not. Both love the same girl, Miriam. While Solomon suffers unwelcome visions of the black future awaiting the Jews, Erich struggles to reconcile his increasing involvement in the Nazi party with his strained friendships with Solomon and Miriam.

Child of the Light is the first book of a trilogy called The Madagascar Manifesto. Despite the labels "dark fantasy" and "magical realism," any fantastic elements -- in this book, at least -- are minimal. Erich's empathy with dogs and Solomon's visions are incidental to the story. The book could just as easily be marketed as mainstream, historical fiction.


The Madagascar Manifesto:

Child of the Light. White Wolf, 1995
Child of the Journey. White Wolf, 1996
Children of the Dusk. White Wolf, 1997


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