Leonard Nimoy's Primortals: Target Earth

Steve Perry

Bantam Books. $22.00
(paper $6.50)

"What would life be like," asks Leonard Nimoy, "if extraterrestials came to earth? How would people react to the discovery?"

These are the questions behind "Leonard Nimoy's Primortals," an idea developed first as a comic book title, and now as this novelization. While I cannot judge the original comic series, Mr. Nimoy surely deserved a better author for the book than Steve Perry.

Perry is, quite simply, a poor writer. He presents his characters as if he developed them on index cards and then incorporated the details word for word into the text; he forces in a lot of irrelevant research (and occasionally inaccurate) disguised as anecdotes. His narrative, such as it is, consistently resorts to insultingly crude phrases and slang (one of the mildest is "feebs" for the FBI), and he seems to think choice expletives and excessive smiling are ideal ways to advance the plot.

No offense to Mr. Nimoy, but I hope this one dies quickly.


This review copyright 1999 by Wendy Morris
Information last updated August 14, 2000

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