Return to Lankhmar

Fritz Leiber

Borealis/White Wolf Publishing. $21.99
(paper $5.99)

You've heard of them before: those two great swordsmen and thieves, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, and the equally great Fritz Leiber who for fifty years wrote their adventures. If you haven't, read this book.

Return to Lankhmar is the third volume of White Wolf's handsome reprinting of the Fafhrd and Mouser tales. The books have color maps for endpapers, black-and-white interior decorations, and introductions by modern fantasists (Neil Gaiman, this time -- "I would like to introduce you to one of my very favorite books," writes Gaiman, "by one of my very favorite authors") acknowledging Leiber's enormous contribution to the field of fantasy. One final volume, Farewell to Lankhmar due April 1998, will complete the series.

The present volume contains the previous Swords of Lankhmar and Swords and Ice Magic. The stories range in length from a mere two pages to novel-length. Most Leiber wrote between 1969 and 1974; although Swords of Lankhmar was expanded from the 1961 novella "Scylla's Daughter," itself derived from one of Leiber's earliest efforts. Leiber's stories are, by turns, wry, grim, humorous, and erotic, and always entertaining.

Now it's time to join the heroes -- Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser -- and once again return to Lankhmar. 


Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, available from White Wolf:

Ill Met in Lankhmar. White Wolf Publishing, 1995
Lean Times in Lankhmar. White Wolf Publishing, 1996
Return to Lankhmar. White Wolf Publishing, 1997
Farewell to Lankhmar. White Wolf Publishing, 1998

This review copyright 1999 by Wendy Morris
Information last updated January 17, 1999

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