Shadow Dawn

By Chris Claremont. Story by George Lucas

Bantam Books. $22.95
(paper $5.99)

This sequel to Shadow Moon and George Lucas' 1988 film Willow continues the further adventures of Elora Danan, Sacred Princess. Read with amazement as Elora nurses infant trolls back to life, heals a slaughtered village of its spiritual wounds, stops the evil creation of a gate between the Worlds, and still has time to work tables in a local bar.

Like its predecessor, Shadow Dawn is painfully overwritten, suffering both purple prose and insipid statements ("Water, as always, tended to flow downhill"). It has no real plot of its own, relying instead on the series' unoriginal goal of saving a doomed world. The current book has merely strung together consecutive, largely unrelated incidents, until reaching the admittedly dramatic, but un-climactic, finish. The resulting pace is episodic and more appropriate to an indefinite series (like a television show or comic book title) than a full-length novel.

We should expect better from "two of the most celebrated imaginations of our time."


The Chronicles of the Shadow War:

Shadow Moon. Bantam Books, 1995
Shadow Dawn. Bantam Books, 1997
Shadow Star. Bantam Books, 1999


This review copyright 1999 by Wendy Morris
Information last updated August 14, 2000

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