The Thanksgiving Visitor

Truman Capote. Illustrated by Beth Peck.

Knopf. $19.00

Truman Capote did not intend his unusual Thanksgiving story to be for children, but it makes a charming read-aloud tale nonetheless. "The Thanksgiving Visitor" first appeared in McCall's in 1967; this publication as a picture book, with full page illustrations by Beth Peck, will bring Buddy and Miss Sook to a new and younger generation of readers. Peck has also illustrated Capote's "A Christmas Memory," also about Buddy and Miss Sook. Peck's pictures are pleasant enough, but do not justify this book's $19 price tag.

But as for Capote --! Who can resist a last line like this?

"We watched until he turned a bend at the corner, innocent of the menace he carried, the chrysanthemums that burned, that growled and roared against the greenly lowering dusk."


Truman Capote, also illustrated by Beth Peck:


A Christmas Memory. Knopf. This edition published 1989.


This review copyright 1996 by Wendy Morris

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