The Warding of Witch World

Andre Norton

Warner Books. $22.95
paper $6.50

For over thirty years, Andre Norton has delighted and inspired fantasy readers and authors alike with her Witch World series. The first book, Witch World, appeared in 1963; 28 titles later, Norton now offers us the final Witch World novel.

An uncontrolled blast of Power has washed across the land, opening gates both known and hidden. Thus begin three simultaneous journeys -- into deep southern jungles, the frozen reaches of the north, and across the western Waste to an unknown sea -- to seek out and close those gates before the evil Dark can enter.

The Warding of the Witch World is a triple treat of adventures through imaginary lands as only Andre Norton can create them. The large cast includes both new characters and old favorites; other familiar characters have brief "walk-ons." This broad a scope is unusual for Norton, but allows her to involve the many people and lands of the Witch World one last time. Warding is a worthy finale and fond farewell to this well-loved series. An appropriately symbolic line ends not just this book, but the entire Witch World series:

"The gates are closed."


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The Witch World novels:

Witch World. Ace Books, 1963
Web of the Witch World. Ace Books, 1964
Three Against the Witch World. Ace Books, 1965
Year of the Unicorn. Ace Books, 1965
Warlock of the Witch World. Ace Books, 1967
Sorceress of the Witch World. Ace Books, 1968
The Crystal Gryphon. Atheneum, 1972
The Jargoon Pard. Atheneum, 1974
Trey of Swords. Grosset and Dunlap, 1977
Zarsthor's Bane. Ace Books, date
Horn Crown. DAW Books, 1981
Gryphon in Glory. Atheneum, 1981
'Ware Hawk. Atheneum, 1983
Gryphon's Eyrie (with A.C. Crispin). Tor Books, 1984
The Gate of the Cat. Ace Books, 1987
Storms of Victory (with P.M. Griffin). Tor Books, 1991
Songsmith (with A.C. Crispin). Tor Books, 1992
Flight of Vengeance (with P.M. Griffin and Mary H. Schaub). Tor Books, 1992
On Wings of Magic (with Patricia Matthews and Sasha Miller). Tor Books, 1994
The Key of the Klepian (with Lyn McConchie). Warner Books, 1995
The Magestone (with Mary H. Schaub). Warner Books, 1996
The Warding of Witch World. Warner Books, 1996
Ciara's Song (with Lyn McConchie). Warner Books, 1998

Witch World short story collections:

Spell of the Witch World. DAW Books, 1972
Lore of the Witch World. DAW Books, date

Edited by Andre Norton:

Tales from the Witch World I. Tor Books, 1987
Tales from the Witch World II. Tor Books, 1988
Tales from the Witch World III. Tor Books, 1990
Four from the Witch World. Tor Books, 1989


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