The World on Blood

Jonathan Nasaw

Dutton. $22.95
(paper $6.99)

Blood is the ultimate drug, the ultimate addiction, and if you need help, try Vampires Anonymous. Nick wants very much to stay sober, but Whistler, bored and rich, decides on a whim to destroy V.A. -- to seduce the recovering vampires once again to blood. Nick never sees what's coming until too late.

All vampires are not created equal, and author Jonathan Nasaw simply does not have as good an offering as other recent vampire titles. The World on Blood, in fact, is less about vampirism and more about living with addictions. The characters are human in their weaknesses, but most are unsympathetic and self-centered to an extreme. The many sex scenes fall short of the eroticism they attempt, and there is an ugly attitude which Nasaw's surprisingly humorous touch cannot relieve.


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This review copyright 1996 by Wendy Morris
Information last updated March 22, 1998

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